A Tale of a Lost Hippopotamus

Sometimes I cannot write and at times like that life happens. So maybe I should not always write to let life happen to me.  It sounds stupid and lazy because I don’t know shit about my life. It  has been slow and fast at the same time. Paradoxical.

I am a  Hippopotamus with my eyes just above the surface of water watching deer, monkeys and giraffes drinking from the lake as they go on with their life. They have stuffs to do: application forms to fill, exams to take and classes to go to. They know their grounds. Submerged in the deep, treading through the dirty water, I cannot even find a ground to stand on. Where is my ground?

I am trying to find one. In the lake. Because I love the lake. I love treading, floating and swimming even though I mess up and drown sometimes. Water is where I belong. When the air blows soft ripples on the surface, I feel alive. Little things make me feel alive. I like the solid ground as well. It has grasses where I can sleep in and I have lots of terrestrial friends who love me. They have excellent GPS system on their brain and they help me navigate through the forest. I get lost everywhere which is sometimes a good thing because I have made lots of new friends in places where I got lost. They know their grounds too and they know it so well! However, I am always searching for misplaced pieces of puzzles; always squabbling with myself; always intruding the crocodiles. So I have more chances of being eaten by a crafty crocodile than finding a ground!!

Sometimes I dream of being a Hippogriff like Buckbeak because he can fly. Buckbeak is a war hero and lives in the Forbidden Forest. I know it is hard to believe, but he visits when I ask him nicely. He doesn’t believe in grounds because he has wings and he can go anywhere he wants. He is proud but polite. He found me when I was absent-mindedly thinking about the shape of clouds.  He loves solitude and so do I. We stare at each other silently and he goes away with a gush of wind. And I stay. But now, I am leaving too. I am going on an adventure in search of realms that never existed. It is going to be a long ride and I have no expectations. I plan to embrace everything that comes along the way. Far from the hullabaloo of my crowded forest, I am going to swim in strange waters and hear strange stories. Regardless of grounds and knowledge, I hope to find my sleepy soul.


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