Physiology of Self-doubt

1. It begins with a kid.

    dubious “Can you do it?”

    instead of

    smiling “You can do it!”

2. It begins with a fear.

    you’ll fall down the bicycle

    before you even learn to ride.

3. It begins at night.

    crawling ghosts will eat you alive

    if you go down the stairs alone.

4. It begins with mark sheets

    nothing is ever good enough

    you can do better next time. 

5. It begins with how they see you

    too fat; too skinny;

    too much make up; no make up.

6. It begins with silences

    half broken homes

    incomplete sentences

    waiting approval. 

7. It begins in a dead end zone

    a cul-de-sac

    of conversations

    in broken dreams. 

8. It begins at the very beginning

    as an embryo metamorphosises

    into you who knew

    where the limbs belonged

    where the brain belonged

    into you who doesn’t know now

    where you belong

    where your life belongs.

9. It doesn’t end.






3 thoughts on “Physiology of Self-doubt

  1. Very true! A little bit of self-doubt is, however, healthy for it gives you reasons to surprise yourself time and again. “I don’t think I can get it done in time”, “I don’t think I’m good enough for her/him”…. But, every time your accomplish something surpassing your doubts about your ability, you surprise yourself a little.
    Nice piece of writing! 🙂


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